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Roy MildorThis week we are visiting with a guy that takes great pride in his work as a Second Life photographer and artist. Hop on a pose ball, hold that beautiful smile that you have, and let’s get to know Roy Mildor better!

Thank you, Roy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. What can you tell us about yourself?
Thank you, Michael, for having me here. Well, that´s a wide question. I’m 38 year old guy that lives in west of Germany. I received my graduation from high school when I was young and started my job at my fathers’ company where I am still working today.

I do love motor bikes. I had a beautiful Harley since the day came I had my bad accident on a cross few years ago. My body was a mess, I can say, but the docs did a great job to give me my life back. Now, I enjoy every day and thank God that I’m still on earth. I´m single again after a long time relationship but I feel fine with that and sure I love to flirt. LOL

I love watching boxing on TV and also visit much live concerts, what is such amazing hobby. As a human getting older I try to keep my body in form. I love to go to the gym and I do hat weekly. I´m very happy to have some awesome friends that I share my time with. We do lot of funny crap and it´s never boring. I think it´s really necessary to have a close friend you can talk to and never get blamed for that what you are …. God bless them …. (Smiles).


Feathers tickle me

How did you get started in photography in Second Life, Roy?
Well … that is simple answered. My ex-partner was a hobby photographer in SL and we did some pics here and there. I started to like what you can do and so I tried the first myself. OMG, when I look back now on my first pics I must really laugh. LOL. That time you really think “Wow, I´m great” but when I see them now … traaaash … (grins).
What I want to say is you really need your practice to become a good photographer and some talent of course. We called that “the good eye“. I´m a professional SL photographer since 2010 now and have my own studio and gallery … where I run some live music gigs too. I just love to make the people happy. It’s so nice the see the reactions of my clients when they come to my studio to pick up their profile pic. Always happy when they are and many people come back. That says you are good, huh?

What kind of photos do you take, Roy?
Owwww! I have a wide range. I do portraits, couple photos, art photos, performer promo pics, signs for any shops or sim´s. Also I offer a wedding package when I come to the event and make my shots. Later I will Photoshop them and make them special for my customers.



Do you also enjoy photography in real life?
Yes, I love to take photos in RL too. I had great equipment and camera. My bad I took the stuff with me to Spain and as we were not at home some idiots came and stole everything they found … also my camera and stuff. (Sniff).

What are some of the tools you use in Second Life when staging and/or taking a photo?
I use a pose HUD for outdoor pics. That HUD also offers some features like eye control, facial expressions, and lightning. In my studio I have several single poses for man and woman. For the couple pic, people can look at some books with example couple poses they can choose from.

Mirandi Xurina

Mirandi Xurina

Which tools do you use for post processing, Roy?
That´s totally my secret … (winks). But I can say that I have 4 different programs that I use.

Recently you held a kickin’ party at your studio in Second Life. Do you do this often?
Ooooww! Yes, I noticed you there the other day. I hope you had some fun …. Smiles. Well, yes I do a few music events in a month which can be a live performer or I may book a band that is doing tribute concerts of several RL bands and singers. I do this cuz of 2 reasons. First … I love music very much and visit often any kind of live events in SL … so I run some gigs at my gallery too – I just want to make the people happy who love the music like me. Second … I do this to bring new people in my gallery who never heard about me and my work. It is great advertising and promotion for my studio. LOL.
The pity thing is … of course I have to pay the performer and band. I tell you it costs a little fortune and people really think it is all free and performer does that just for fun or some apples. LOL.
I get rarely venue tips that could support me in doing more events … so I can only do a few gigs. I pay all myself. My dear partner and SL love Damatjo is a great music fan too and so we agreed to share the costs for the gigs. That is a very nice move of her. Awww she´s just a cutie …(Smiles).

Skip JLet’s talk about some of your work, Roy. “Skip J.” has some interesting effects. Tell us about this photo and the processing. 
Ooww that´s a cool pic huh? Well actually it’s simple edited (in my eyes … lol). For this pic I just used a filter that I have installed in my photo program and made a bit smoothing at some parts … that´s it!

Miss Longtail promo pic by Roy MildorTell us about the photo titled “Miss Longtail promo pic“, Roy … 
Yes, that´s a great SL performer and she asked me to do a promo pic for her. I rarely did shootings with tiny avatars and so it´s always a challenge to make a nice pic. But anyway I loooove challenges. You know it´s really a difference if you shoot a human avatar or a tiny thing … (Smiles). But I think it came out good and I know Miss Longtail is also happy with that image. ;-.)

I hold youI Hold You” … this is a touching photo. What was the inspiration for this artwork, Roy?
In this pic I posed myself and my love Dama. There´s no special reason for that pic, it´s just her who gives me inspiration for sensual images. Maybe it´s just another way for me to show how close she is to me cuz I’m not that guy who says everyday “I love you“ … LOL. Those ideas come straight from the heart …( grins).

Sensual mood by Roy mildorThis next piece is definitely an eye-catcher. Give us some insight about “Sensual Mood” … 
I love to give images special effects. This is made in 2 colors only and that is what “makes” the pic. I love to play with any kind of effects that is available to me and yes, this is another beautiful result. Many people have told me that I´m so unique with my work. It always gives me a smile when I hear those lovely comments and I know … I´m on the right way.

Guide me by Roy MildorGuide Me” is a cool compilation that personally I find as peaceful.
You picked a beautiful photo, Michael. And yes, it´s really peaceful. You know … sometimes I get images in my head that I have to do and this is one of my ideas. It scares me how they appear in my head so “finished already“ and I just feel I “must“ do that. Maybe it comes over me cuz of my accident I had …. well I can’t explain that … LOL.

Wayne pro  pic by Roy Mildor (2)The photo “Wayne” has some interested textures. What can you tell us about this one, Roy? 
It´s another effect I used for this pic. I have so much filter, I can’t tell you any names now. LOL.

Pier by Roy Mildor

What was your inspiration for “Pier“? 

I love to make nature captures and even in SL you can find really awesome places for taking photos. i love to explore and find new scenery’s for my camera. You see the “Pier“ also looks kinda dreamy and it´s crying for hope. I don’t know why I just love those captures.

Men dream by Roy MildorMen dream” has a soft glow but also is very strong. Tell us about this work, Roy? 
Oooowww … one of my favorite “themed” pics. I got lots of comments and faves on FLICKR for that. (hehe) This pic was made for a photo contest in SL (a shame I got only the second place!). The theme was “DAYDREAM“. So I made this and called it “Men dream”. I think I catch many many men who feel the same when they watch the image. I really love to create pictures that telling you stories, you can feel them, and some touches you deeply. I was told from a customer once that she started to cry when I gave her my work … and then you don´t know what to say to that girl but it´s such a great feeling, my pictures are arriving …. you know what I mean?

LilliyaThis photo titled “Lilliya” is sensual, soft, and a cool use of colors. 
Aaaawww the Lilly pic … Yes … LOL. The point why this pic is so great is just the harmony from black/white to a touch of color. Lilliya has a beautiful avatar and it was so easy to shoot her. Neither there was a need to use any tools to conceal little faults of her beauty. Lilliya is one of much customers who come again and again and some really got addicted I think (grins). Anyway she´s a cutie and we became very good friends.

Rhiannon promo pic by Roy MildorI noticed that you’ve worked with several Second Life performers. You did a promotional photo for Rhiannon. What can you share with us about this? 
I think Rhiannon is one of much people who came to my studio because she saw my work somewhere or someone told her about me. I can´t say much more about promo pics … the performer comes to me and I do the pic as I think that suits to the person most.

Wolfie Moonshadow 2  by Roy MildorYou’ve also worked with Wolfie Moonshadow. What are some other artists / performers that you’ve done work for, Roy? 
Wolfie became a great fan of my work. He was several times in my studio already and he really appreciates what I do and he really gives a huge tip (smirks). I did single promo shots and also did the band image for him.

Well, it´s going around that I do promo pics well and so few other landed in my studio too. Like Jaqc, Onster Merlin, Wildstar Writer, Pmann Sands, Lou Mannock, Orangelife, Guitarman Flannigan, Hazie Moonwall, Jazzygal Passariello, Thera D., Kryssa Mersand, Karmahn Heart, Avantgarde Frequency, Owen Ruby, or Paul Nowles. All great performers, by the way!

DJ Hang Poster by Roy MildorHang” is a dark and mysterious photo. Tell us about what’s going on with the subject … 
Hang “is” a mysterious guy I think. He once came to my studio and asked for an awesome cool profile pic that has to be dark. I think it shows a bit of his soul and what kind of person he is. He said it “has to be cool”. Now you are going to ask yourself what is “cool” in his eyes. But cuz I have a very good feeling for people this picture was the result and yes … he was happy!

Broken by Roy MildorBroken” very much conveys a message of brokenness, Roy. What would you like to share about this photo? 
This is another great pic from my themed album. Wow you picked good images, I see. I wanted to make people aware how we treat our world and treat our self and what can happen when it all goes out of control because we are so stubborn and selfish and don´t care who get hurt (and I also mean the poor animals I talk for!).

I noticed on all of your photos, you’ve taken care to have your name. Have you run into copyright issues with your photos, Roy?
Hahahaha … Owww yes I did few times I remember. I don’t want to mention any names I´m not that bad ass. But yes, that happened too. I remember once a customer came to gallery to get her pic what I showed her first on a monitor. She said she didn´t like it and said bye then poofed. Days later I saw her profile and saw my photo which I made and I thought *wtf*! She was sneaky came back when I was offline and made a snapshot of the monitor who still showed her pic and was rude enough to make that shot in her profile. I really wished people would have more respect for the person who does their pic and copyrights. Even when they pay for it they can´t do any changes on them or over-paint my name sign … that really pisses you off!

What if a reader wanted to purchase your services as a gift, how would they go about doing that, Roy?
I have vendors in my studio people can buy and includes different vouchers .They are transfer of course so that they can be given away as gift. It´s a nice way for a little surprise for your woman or for wedding people, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

What guidance would you offer to someone wanting to start taking photos in Second Life, Roy?
This question made me laugh … sorry. Cuz I had that talk several times with my sweety. She is doing pics too and always wants to learn from me. Well, for new beginners first of all I would say … don´t start taking any pics if you haven´t that special feeling for photos you know. There must be a minimum of natural talent for making good pictures and it´s wasted time if you don´t have the basic deep in you. The rest … well practice … practice … practice. That´s the only thing I can say.

How can we get in touch with you to schedule a photo session?
I´m a well-known man in SL. You can find me in search or in many profiles (chuckles). They get a note card from me with my terms and prices … they have to read and agree. I will add the people then to my friends list to get them faster for shooting.  For people who want, they can check all my work here on flickr.

Thank you, Roy, for all of your hard work and sharing your creations with us!
I have to thank you, Michael. It really was a pleasure. 😉

Roy Mildor